Konferensartikel: “Being in Business: 
A Sensemaking Perspective on Spiritual Transformation at Work” (Academy of Management)

Paper accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 7-11 2020, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Building on sensemaking theory and Erich Fromm’s distinction between the existential modes of having and being, this paper explores the process in which managers integrate spirituality into their working lives through a longitudinal, clinical research project. The being mode offers a way to bypass the grip of the habituated identity in the sensemaking process and thus, to open up for new ways of perceiving, interpreting and enacting cues in familiar situations. In this process, spirituality is allowed to be integrated into the evolving self at work. By articulating the role of mode of existence in the sensemaking process, this paper also contributes to the sensemaking perspective. The notion of being-based doing is developed as a way of talking about actions that stem from the being mode, including mindfulness, compassion and other states grounded in experience.